Your Private Label Rights License To


[YES] Can Sell This Product for $7
[YES] Can Sell Resale Rights for $17 (deliver to your customers in NON-editable format like MP4 Flash)
[YES] Can Be Packaged with up to 4 other Paid Products
[YES] Can Be Offered as a bonus to a Paid Product
[YES] Can Be Added to monthly Paid MEMBERSHIP* or Training SITES*

*If you have a membership site where people pay to get into download 100's of products,
then you cannot include resell rights to this product in that bundle


[YES] You Have Private Label Rights

[YES] You Can Rename The Product

[YES] You Can Edit & Put Your Name on the Sales Page

[YES] You Can Edit The Graphics or Get New Ones Made
[YES] You Can Stamp Your Name on The Videos, but you cannot sell PLR


You CANNOT Give your customers the AVI or PSD files
You CANNOT Offer in Dimesales
You CANNOT Offer These Videos in Firesales if there are more than 5 Products
You CANNOT Sell Master Resale Rights to videos as is
You CANNOT Sell these through Auction Sites
You CANNOT Give Away Resell Rights for free
You CANNOT Give Away Videos for free, even to your list...Retail: - $7 or more
You CANNOT Claim Original Copyright


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JayKay Bak

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